Welsh Patagonia is a company based in Esquel, Argentina and specialises
in made-to-measure tours of the region.

Whether you're visiting Argentina for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, let us help you explore all the key places of Welsh interest, experience the warm hospitality of the region, discover the amazing wild life, the magical beauty of the Andes region and the equally breathtaking sea life on the Atlantic coast, enjoy world-class wines and mouth-watering meals and meet for yourself the remarkable people who so strongly uphold the Welsh traditions of their forefathers.

Our team in Patagonia is made up of people who live in the region, who understand local issues, who know the local people and who have practical experience and knowledge of all aspects of tourism. Many of them speak Welsh, all speak English and they are united by their common love and understanding of Patagonia and the unique position occupied by its Welsh community.

Whatever your budget, whether you're looking for white-knuckle adventure or gentle relaxing days to unwind in, we can advise on when to come, how long to stay, where to stay, what to see, who to meet and how to get around. We have our own modern 4x4 vehicles for those who want to be guided and can arrange buses and rental cars for the more independently-minded.

In addition to Welsh Patagonia, we have partners throughout Argentina with whom you can experience some of its other attractions: the majesty of the Iguazú Falls, the stark beauty of the glaciers at El Calafate, the adventure of the Lakes region around Bariloche and the magnificence of the Land of Fire, Tierra del Fuego. And, since you're at the other end of the world, why not stop off for sun, sea and carnival in Rio on your way back!

The guidebook Lonely Planet recently voted Argentina its number one tourist destination in the world. And it's no wonder: as well as containing the most amazing variety of natural beauty, the country is economically and politically stable, its people friendly and hospitable, its streets safe from terrorists and its prices among the lowest in the world.

Welsh Patagonia is not just for Welsh historians and traditionalists: it shares many passions with the Welsh, including fishing, rugby and singing. And, best of all, everybody in Argentina likes to have fun.

Come and be a part of it yourself!

We cater for small and large groups, individual travellers, choirs, fishermen and rugby and other sporting teams and can arrange your whole trip or just the time you plan to spend in Welsh Patagonia.

Send us an email or telephone to find out more.
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