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Sian Lloyd in Welsh Patagonia

We were delighted when the Travel Editor of The Mail on Sunday asked us if we'd like to go to Patagonia. As a girl growing up in Wales, I had always been aware of a Welsh-speaking community in far-off South America. It seemed so impossibly remote that I never dreamed I would have a chance to visit it. More recently, the BBC and S4C have produced a number of excellent TV programmes on life in the Welsh colony in South America and it has become a little more familiar to all of us. Even so, my husband Jonathan and I wanted to go and see for ourselves to try and get an understanding of what the place is like, why Welsh people went there in the first place and what's happening with the Welsh language and Welsh culture. And, while we were there, we loved the idea of sexy Buenos Aires and the dramatic scenery of famous glaciers and craggy peaks in the Southern Andes.

British travel company, Last Frontiers organised an exciting itinerary for us and, surrounded by the snows in the UK in January, we jetted off to the South American summer.

Our itinerary was, briefly:

Day 1   Fly overnight on British Airways to Buenos Aires, via Sao Paolo in Brazil.
Day 2-3    Sightseeing in Buenos Aires.
Day 4-9    Welsh Patagonia.
Day 10   Crossing the Andes into Chile.
Day 11-14  In the Southern Andes in Torres del Paine, Chile.
Day 15-16  At the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Argentina.
Day 17-18 Relaxation in Buenos Aires.
Day 19   Fly back to London.

The description of our whole journey appears in the Mail on Sunday. These pages describe solely our trip to Welsh Patagonia.

Although we were only in Welsh Patagonia for 6 days, we were captivated by the dramatic beauty of the place, enchanted by the people and bowled over by the hospitality we received. We were particularly happy to see so much evidence of the use the Welsh language and to feel so much confidence about its future.

If you plan to go to Welsh Patagonia at any time and have a Welsh theme in mind, you'd do well to consider planning your visit to coincide with one or more of the following Welsh events:

Welsh Calendar in Chubut

Mid-January    Esquel Annual sheep show and auction
February 25   Esquel Birthday celebrations
March 1 Trelew St. David's Day celebrations
Early April Gaiman Valley Agricultural Show
April 30 Trevelin Festival of the Plebiscite and annual Eisteddfod
July 28 Puerto Madryn Gŵyl y Glaniad and Mimosa Eisteddfod
August 14 Gaiman Birthday celebrations
Early September Gaiman Youth Eisteddfod
October 20 Trelew Birthday celebrations
Late October Trelew  Chubut Eisteddfod
Early November Esquel Annual cattle show and auction
November 24  Trevelin Annual horse ride to Craig Goch
November 25 Trevelin Birthday celebrations

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Our Trip in Welsh Patagonia Day by Day


  1. Annual sheep show Esquel mid January

    Birthday celebrations, Esquel 25 February

    Mapuche Rodeo, Esquel - mid-March

    Valley agricultural show,Gaiman early April

    Welsh children at the Plebiscite Ceremon 30 April

    Annual ride to Craig Goch, Trevelin 24 November

    Trevelin's birthday 25 November.


Esquel - Chubut - Patagonia - Argentina - Email: info@welshpatagonia.com

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